Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Hands Hurt From Clapping

Big week this week. I went and saw The Black Keys, one of my favourite bands for a looong time. They were simply awsome! Thank you Flic for my ticket!!!! The next night i went to Architecure in Helsinki, another great band. It too was awsome. Im going to post a pic of the shirt i bought some time soon (when i find the charger for my cammera). This is just a stoopid little computer sketch i did inspired by the Architecture gig. just trying to have something output visually today,

In Film news, we had our auditions for dr Terror and Richard today. Its not really fair to talk about how people individually went, but i will say tah they all exceeded our expectations. Now we just have to chose someone...

In Work Intergrated Learning (which i dont think i've ever written about in this blog) both of my prospects have started to look much much less promising. anyway, more news on that as it progresses.


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