Thursday, May 3, 2007

A pencil I like

I found a pencil i like today... "STOP THE PRESSES!!!!" i hear you say sarcastically. i dont care its my blog and i'll write what i like. Its a Faber-Castell Extra Soft Black PITT Oil Base. its really nice and soft and responsive to use, it rubs out and it doesnt smear like mud when you rub your hand over it. these are a few quick sketches i did today while trying to avoid the essay i have to write. im not saying their good, but i liked the way it felt to draw them.
In other news, the Denzel gig i did the poster for got cancelled. I dont really mind, i have a cool poster under my belt, and i'll use it for a later gig.

1 comment:

Sarasarasarato said...

Those are very nice sketches mano, the line is really relaxed and flowing. The woman's pose feels right.

I bought one of those graphite wash pencils that ... Mrs? Dr.? Kirkegard had in life drawing. I'm going to run out and give that a go soon.

Shame about the gig, but that's their loss.