Monday, June 18, 2007

Slowly Learning

This just one of those personal notes posts feel free to skip it.

I'm Slowly learning the best times to sketch, the page below was done while i was waiting for my environment assignment to render (By the way, there are very few good things about rendering, it really is the most boring and frustrating thing i think i have experienced in 3D yet... except maybe rigging.) Other times i have noticed that are good times to draw are- waiting for public transport Especially at Airports, watching tv(and not shows from America full of barbie and ken dolls, British comedy is a good place to start, and shows like OZ and the Sopranos.) Waiting for friends at a food court, and of course when i have an actual idea. Notice how i dont include when "im board and feel like i SHOULD be drawing" I really wish that lesson would stick for me. I have so many bullshit sketchbook pages full of "i should be drawing" drawings.

Anyway, verrrrry soon i will be updating this blog with some the most recent work we have done on the film, and also the aforementioned Environment render.

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