Monday, July 2, 2007

MIAF and Snow Collide

Hello Hello,
Im gunna be straight up here, I'm still trying to figure out this whole blog thing. I know this is meant to be an art blog (isnt it?) but this post is really just for friends who have spent some of the last two weeks with me, and friends who havent. Its been pretty huge 2 weeks.

Last week I was on a family trip and the week before I was in Melbourne for Melbourne International Animation Festival. Both were more awesome than i think i have to patience to communicate fully in this blog. But im gunna give it a brief break down.

We flew into Melbourne On Tuesday morning without any major hassles. As soon as we got there though it became very apparent that my hoodie wasnt going to be enough to keep me from freezing death. We got to our wiz bang Backpackers in St Kilda not long after this uncomfortable reasisation. Our room stank like a foot, and we had to fumble our way through the dark because our new friends/room mates were still sleeping. It wasnt a big deal though, backpackers are meant to smell like feet right? We went and got breaky at a cafe near by. Emily promptly had an allergic reaction to something, and we complained. No body was angry to start with, but when the cafe refused to take responsibility for the problem it got frustrating pretty quickly. I mean she's allergic to one thing, dairy, and she ate their food and got an allergic reaction. It doesn't take a genius to accept that there was dairy in the food, even if the chef declares that he is more than 100% sure that there is no possible way that the food could have had dairy in it. Do the maths. Despite them being douche bags about the whole thing, it didnt stop us from becoming late night regulars there. Its amazing how cheaply we sell our dignity when cheap beer is involved. We spent the following days exploring Melbourne and going to screenings at night. Unfortunately we made a habit of drinking a Pint or two before most of the afternoon screenings and regularly dozed off during some of the more drawn out/pretentious films. I guess we've found a good way to gauge whether a film has good pacing though- give some no good teens a few beers, a comfy seat and see if they manage to stay awake.

We went to a few different trips during the day that in reality were just window shopping trips for me. im really not a shopper, but there are a lot interesting shops in Melbourne- like an entire shop dedicated to hard to find magazines!!!! I almost wet myself. We visited the city, Chapel Street, Bridge Road, and the Victoria Markets. I finally managed to find a scarf on one of the last days, something i had been trying to do since the second i stepped out of the central heated plane.
Over the course of the week we sampled quite a few ales, from quite a few fine establishments. Beer from little imported bottles, Vodka sunrises from a jug, to wine from a box and even from a brown paper bag were just a few of the highlights. Emily Getting legless on the St Kilda beach at 4am was definitely a highlight, as was chilling at our comrades' hostel with a box of goon. Oh and the nude adventures of Liam and emily in the hallway was also pretty funny. We also became experts at finding bargin food, like a bar in Richmond that had $4 made to order Gormet pizzas, or DIY bacon and eggs.
Melbourne really is an awesome city. Every suburb has its own culture and attractions. You can seriously get lost in the streets and streets interesting shops, cafes and soup stands. Every Alley way has a secret restaurant or club in it that only a select few know about, but always manages to be packed out. Street art litters the old walls, giving even more texture to the beautifully distressed architecture. If i was going to move anywhere else in australia, Melbourne would be right up there.

(one of the coolest things about Melbourne are the back alleys full to the brim with amazing crap)
(Another of the Coolest things is the Ground breaking street art that is facking every where, seriously i have so many photos of this stuff)

(and what good would a trip be without friends to play with!)
I missed my flight to Canberra. That really put a downer on the end of the Melbourne experience. But i made it in the end. I met up with my Family in Canberra and trekked down to Pershia Blue, the Moutain top full of snow. It snowed and rained for the first 4 days. It wasnt bad, you just couldnt see where you were going very well. No actually it was awesome fun. Snowboarding is soooo much fun, not even rain and gale force wind can ruin it, that's how amazingly fun it is. On the last day the clouds cleared and we could actually see!!! The snow was perfect, we had mad skills from 4 days worth of lessons, and we could see. So the last day was the best fun ever! We hit some jumps, boxs, and caught the lift to the summit and got some of the most amazing views and then took a seemingly endless run down to the bottom (didn't fall once!)

(The View From the top)

(We were really lucky because it was only the start of the season, but they had had more snow in the first two weeks than the whole of the last season.)Oh yeah, i did actually draw some stuff aswell! I can only really scan one of the pages at the moment though. i lost my pen, and red pencil doesnt really scan very well. So possibly more to come.
And i Started my work experience at Fuzzyeyes today. I think i will save that for another blog though.

See big 2 weeks. Now this blog is meant to be the punctuation, and i should focus on the film again. I really dont want to think about it. Maybe tomorow.

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Emily said...

lol ure very descriptive about my dairy drama!
cool pics too! i cant wait to see the others... hahha
i have an awesome one of u (that i stole off someone elses facebook)... im not sure if i can post it on here... maybe ur myspace...