Monday, August 13, 2007

Work Experience Thumbnails

So I've been working as a work experience kid at a Brisbane games studio called fuzzyeyes for the last couple of months. Until recently i'd been searching for, collecting and collating reference photos of the net. Today i asked if i could do something a little more creative (because it is required of my course). And guess what! They gave me a character to design. This is the initial stages of my design-they have a very rigid schedule for character designing, the first stage of which is the thumbnailing stage. The following are the three thumbnails i liked the best out of todays work. The middle one was selected for further development, so next week i will take that drawing further. It is a great experience working in a professional pipeline. I'm looking forward to next monday.

(oh the brief was pretty detailed, but the basic idea is a hobo in a fantasy/steampunk world)


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Sarasarasarato said...

Hola mano, your drawings are improving exponentially - If I may say so. Love the sketches of the old man, brilliant character. But brother get some rest!