Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I've never done a reference drawing in Photoshop. Does that sound stupid? It sounds stupid to me too. This was a speed paint done from a film still, i think it was from Stardust. I found it from this site. It took about 25 minutes, so not much time for structure. I have to do more of these, coz as you can probably tell, im not very good at them- check out the full view to see the ref. No eyedropper tool used, it would sort of defeat the purpose i think.

I also said good bye to my close friend Emily today before i go to Japan. We went to the amazing Warhol exhibition at GOMA. I will miss you Em

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Emily said...

aw ... youre just trying to make me cry! nuddist camp was cool! I just got back hehe... although sounds like you and sim had a much wilder time here!