Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Japan Safe and sound

We made it to japan safe and sound! We are in Dotombori in osaka at the moment. Its pretty much all the lights, sounds and bicycles the tv makes it out to be. Haha, i now know what it is like to be stared at. Out side the city, you get so many double takes and lingering stares it is a little unsettling. but i did see one other caucasian person today, so they cant be non existent. We are staying at a Homestay about 15 minutes from the city, with a very helpful man called Takamoto San.
I will post some drawings when i figure out an effective way to do it. I tried taking a photo, but the flash sort of destroys it. But there are plenty of good things to draw, and the moleskin sketch book flic got me is perfect for drawing people in the street.


Sarasarasarato said...

Bravo Alexey! Stay safe!

Makoto said...

Hey Alex!!

How are you? Wow you've been busy on your blog! And your in Japan! And I'm glad because you look like your having fun:)

At the studio we've been heaps busy with this game work and the short film. We have our fingers crossed for Hiroshima animation festival!

& I'm really looking forward to your moleskin sketches, so I hope you can find a way to post it! (Ari got me one for x-mas too ^_^, but envious that you can sketch stuff in Japan!)

Ok this has become a really long message...*sorry*

Anyway, take care and say hi to Flick for me!!


Makoto said...

Hi Alex,

After you told to me update the blog, I did! and I will keep doing it!! stay tuned!!