Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nihon Sketches

Well, while ive been traveling in japan i`ve be keeping a sketchbook. Drawing people on trains, in cafes parks and where ever get a chance. I love it. these are all very quick ballpoint sketches, from 30seconds to a couple of minutes. sorry they`re all at once all but ive only just come by a scanner.

I hope to do many many more of these


Emily said...

Freaking AWESOME sketches!!! I want to draw everywhere I go too!!!
Thanks for the update :P

Makoto said...


They are fantastic Alex!!
It's cool to see your journey through a medium other than photos :)

Your going to need a new sketch book in no time!

one word to sum up those sketches: - suteki! >_<


lecypage said...

everyone looks angry and/or depressed...are they really like that or is that jut your slant on the world hehe kidding stay safe and keep posting traveller boy