Saturday, April 5, 2008


Sorry my batteries ran out as i was posting this. i didnt even realize that i went up.
The first face is a study from a Rubens painting (i bought a book with his paintings a couple of days ago). Man if you feel like a good dosing of humble i really recommend trying to do a master study, man its so much harder than i expected. please dont try and find the reference because i really didnt capture the essence of it. Rubens' version looks like a much younger girl and her eyes stare straight into yours from the page. its pretty amazing.

haha the second one is a random follow up to the last post. i messed with it for a little longer trying to put something worth looking at in it. it really is a mess- too much destraction in the foreground and a conterproductive composition (dont worry im not looking for compliments, this is more like a learning journal for me) I sorta like the idea that came through though. maybe it could be something i can follow up at a later stage...



Emily said...

I lOVE the girl! really nicely done!!
I think the mountain facial features are too dark...
or somethign... its too heavy in the background in my opinion!
Keep up the posting!
tell me more about the girl? just randoM?

Caleb Salisbury said...

Hey man,
I love the new brush work and "painterly" look you have going. I'd suggest looking into the textural blending a bit more and don't be afraid to use other colours in the skin tone (greens etc).
The yellow is already in there - liking it.

longdefeat ♣ said...

ahhhh, so cool.

Anonymous said...


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