Wednesday, April 16, 2008 debut?

one of my ambitions while was in japan was to start entering some of the weekly competitions on to try and keep me out of my comfort zone. this is my rather rushed entry in last weeks topic, coconut cruncher. it wasnt a topic that really inspired me at first, but i guess the point is to take a walk outside your comfort zones right. This is the link the COW forum if ur interested in taking a look at the entries. theres always a couple of amazing ones :)

ok, the next one is only a low res one because its a work in progress. it started out as a doodle but i got a bit carried away. im not really sure how this will pan out yet

much love


Leath said...

I'm always particularly impressed with your sense of design when u finalise your stuff Alex. ie. coconut cruncher one. It polishes it off really well.

good stuff man - you're on a roll.

Shane said...

lone ranger... the setting is very road runner hehe but awesome!

and coconut crusher rocks!!! its very alex... even though it wasnt your original theme you put a bit of coconut alex in there

Emily said...

sorry alex shane was using the computer before me... and it was logged into his google account or something... it's ME EMILY!

longdefeat ♣ said...

man - freaking awesome. as always.