Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sorry Blog

Hey blog, its been a while.
A couple reasons I guess. I've been traveling for a bit. So I have been drawing a bunch, buuut i dont have a scanner at the moment. sooo its gunna be all digital for a bit! not ideal, but hey thems the apples.
Thiiiis is a invite i did for my 21st. Sorry interweb stalkers, i changed a couple of details sooo if you turn up to Question St. dont be suprised if im not there. I spent a few hours on the illo, but the text really took it outa me (probably longer than the illo). This was fun.
If your my friend and i havent got an invite to you, please shoot me an email! Ive only sent the to face book peeps so far.


Makoto said...

Heeee--~~y ALEX~!

The chimp is cool! I like the simple treatment! haven't commented in a while but all looking really nice!

I might be going back to brissy for a break, so I might make it to your party~! yay!

I can't find question street on the map... :(

Just joking! Is that your new house because it is just walking distance from my house in Brissy!!!
Anyway hope to catch up soon!


Sarasarasarato said...

Hey Aleksey!

Got your little present. Thanks man! I scored the old wizard (go figure). Again, gracias.