Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ruff And Ready

Heya blog,

We finished! Thats right, The Cat Piano production is wrapped up. So ive spent the week lazing around and getting some other stuff done too. This is a quick animation i did for kicks. Hopefully ill get to do some more soon.

Ruff and Ready from Alex Grigg on Vimeo.

also I was hoping to enter this weeks character of the week comp at but i got distracted with animating. this is a little snippet of the piece. i doubt it will ever be copleted


Emily said...

This animation rocks! jocks/ my world...!!! I love it SO freaking much. I want to slow it down so I can tell how youre doing it though! lol... MORE! make it epic.

Amanda said...

Congrats on finishing your production. When can we see it?!

The ani is rad and you should try and finish that CHOW thing cos it looks neat already.

Maruna said...

Wow Alex i really realy love your animation! the charter has such nice speed and balance! and i really love the cloud at the end! its such different style and feel to the stuff I see around at my work place i love it!
I can see how working at pra was such a good influence on your 2d animation skills! cant wait to see more!