Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DZ EP cover. Progress 02

Hiya Blog,

So as promised here are some more progress pics from my development for DZ's up coming EP launch. I started them before I got feed back on the last one. So, predictably, they weren't received well. Actually, they were received well, but the band shared my opinion that they weren't really suited to an EP cover. Its a weird magic. I cant really put my finger on what it takes for a piece to be suitable for a CD sleeve. I guess because its packaging, there are a different set of expectation. Tricky. I find that my favorite covers are photographic, or quite abstract. Most of my skills are focused towards figurative work, so that habit is inhibiting me I think.
All of the designs so far are based on my Feather Wolf concept. Ironically, the Feather Wolf design struck me as the one I liked least of the set. I appropriated the middle design as a blog link button for my myspace page

As always, Im always interested in your opinions.



Leath said...

Ahhhhaaaaa..the Grigg is on myspace. Hip

Anyway pictures:
I always really like your design stuff. But out of this lot I reckon I like the 3rd from the bottom (esp for a CD cover) the most. I think it manages to give off a mood without it being a clear identifiable object.

Seems like more of an environmental mood than character based one.

Hope that's not too vague

Liam said...

hey man, the only reason i thought the other one looked like fire was because of the colours... now that i look at them they're clearly feathers :)...
i actually think i like the wolf one the most out of these but i think it's missing something... maybe because of the negative space and balanced symmetry but maybe something else... i also like the second one but other than that they're looking good dude... wanna see more

Emily said...

LOOOOOVVEEEE your designs and I would want them as my cd cover!! bottom 2 r my faves...

Sarasarasarato said...

Hey Alex, these are top notch. I love the stereoscopic colour shadows against a white background, that's really working. My favourite has to be the feather monster with lasers coming out of his eyes.

Feather wolf is wicked, he's got a real presence. Maybe he needs a bit more snout though. More snarl like these guys:

As a request could you list your favourite CD covers of all time?