Sunday, May 10, 2009


A couple of procrastination sketches done today.

SPACE WASPS!!!!!!! theres no escape!!

and another loose study based on a very dapper man on Facehunter. With some liberties taken on the treatment. You can probably tell by now. I Love Half tone.

Also, a couple of things that have inspired me over the last few days, largely via Boooooooom.
an amazing live video from lykki li

A really fun Music Video from a french band Naive New Beaters. The song isnt my scene, but the vid is!

???removed due to lameness (the first time ive ever done this, but the pic just really annoyed me!)

and an infamous Justice video following a youth gang through the streets of paris. violent and haunting.


Sarasarasarato said...

Space wasps, comin' at ya, buzzin' 'round your room sayin': I'm a space-wasp, looks like you're tryin' ta write a novel! I'm a space-wasp do you really fink you've got a novel in ya!

Love it. Trek inspired? ;)

I watched all those film-clips. That Justice clip took the cake, if only in terms of emotional response. I wanted to head-butt the monitor.

Liam said...

very amusing alex :)... reminds me of that garth marenghi war of the wasps video mark showed us... i love the retro half-tone

Caleb Salisbury said...

Great stuff fella... have you seen Reach?
Keep it coming :)