Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Business Card

So its been coming for a fair while.These are the front and back of my new card. I would have liked to get a Die Cut, but there isnt enough time to print them before I leave the country. Im not a designer, so this stuff is hard for me. Hope you dig it! (sorry i know that "hello!" is a bit tacky, and has been done. but i originally had "FUCK yeah!" and it seemed a little strong)


Peter Yong said...

Damn Man!

Great work here!
Your animation is fantastic!

keep it up and keep kicking ass!

Amanda said...

For a 'not a designer' you do pretty f***'n good anyway. Looks great, to the poing, high quality, simple, and appealing - like the rest of your work.

May it lure many clients into your fold.

Amanda said...

To the point. Point dammit! I hate when I can't edit my typos =_=

Liam said...

Nothing says Alex Grigg like a bling dollar around his neck :) I like it dude! Also i'll be back in bris this weekend if you wanna catch up before you leave.

Paul Lalo said...

Hey Man!
I dig, I dig alot!
Working on mine now too. You have inspired me Mr Grigg! It's really hard but I'm getting there.
I'll post some ideas soon!

Emily said...

sweet design alex! definately a business card that is looking to earn money! hehe ... have they been printed yet?
also... can u change my name in ur links from little stories to Emily Nelson!