Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Annecy 2009

Annecy-The trademark Prison

Ari and Ed, Directors

Dear Blog,
Im in france at the moment to Support our film- The Cat Piano at the worlds leading animation festival- Annecy. Needless to say, the experience is amazing.

There is about 7000 people attending the festival which is set in the alps about 4 hours train from Paris. the town it self is beautiful, Very old french/swiss buildings, winding streets, and pressed against a turquoise blue lake. The atmosphere is incredible here. I cant imagine anything better- thousands of friendly, like minded people, mind blowing scenery and the worlds most cutting edge films.

Im just about to start my third day of the festival. The highlights so far have been seeing the european premiers of Pixars film Partly Cloudy and Henry Sellicks new masterpiece Coroline.
This internet cafe is shoddy, so its hard to share photos. hopefully i will find a better one!
Until then,


Emily said...

Alex... absolutely stunning!!! have a great time! It looks to me like I will have to go to the Annecy festival one year soon!!!

The Boy who blocked his own shot. said...

you get to see coraline!?! jealous!
how was it? was the creepy house and hand done well?
I must know!
oh this is claire, I've read the book. The pics look awesome.

simblog said...

beautiful dude, best of luck with cat piano

Caleb Salisbury said...

Wow - u are a world traveler of note! Good luck with the cat piano sir... I hope it goes great!

Liam said...

Good to hear ur having a good time dude... enjoy the rest of Annecy and look forward to hearing about it when u get back :D