Wednesday, October 7, 2009


All right, so they werent muggers, but I got attacked by some nutters at the train station last night. One second a woman was asking me for change, the next her and her boyfriend were trying to kick the shit out of me. fortunately they were realatively harmless and i was fine. I did some sketches when i got home. the woman in the bottom right was based on one the nutters.

Also, every wednesday lunchtime some guys at work run.a sketch jam called in 1800. It basically stands for in eighteenhundred seconds (half an hour) and requires you to draw something under a set theme in that time. This week's theme was undead farm animals. My submition wasnt very inspired.
next week im going to try and figure out how to get pressure sensitivity to work on my machine.



Makoto said...


Are you ok???

That's so scary. That woman looks scary. I hope you are still in one piece. Haven't I told you, you should come home before sunset?!

No seriously :( I hope other than that everything is ok.

x Makoto

PS you know what else is scary, that zombie oink you have there (0oo0)

Gemma said...

Whoa Alex. I'm glad you're OK

I'd be a wreck after that.

Awesome art as usual

Liam said...

I think you've captured her drug-induced, sunken faced, desperate state very well.

I hope you showed them a bit of the 'ol' Alex Grigg wa-pachang©'!

Glad you're alright man. Love the zombie warthog.