Friday, November 27, 2009

Breath in Baby Doll....Work in Progress

Heya blog
I started this a little bit ago, Im not sure how its going.Trying to push my rendering a little further I guess.
Based on a sketch i did a couple of months ago, and heavily influenced by photography by Ibai Acevedo
Would love to know how you would make this better.



Leath said...

This is looking sweet man.

In terms of taking it further I reckon some more texture could suit. Also, I really like the touch of green against the pink. Maybe a little more green spill on her legs to show there's a light source down there somewhere?
Still think its great the way it is tho.

love the recent posts.


Sarasarasarato said...

Gorgeous, the blobs rendering is wicked. I agree with Leath, a light source at the bottom would balance the composition out.

If I could make any further suggestions, I reckon you should explore the concept more, e.g. show her head in the background with a similar pink globular mass oozing from it, like this woman is slowly dissolving in this ethereal solution.

450 Gold Stars.

Gemma said...

Hi Alex

looks gorgeous. Love the pink ...blob. Looks awesome
My only suggestion at this point (and I'm going to be a pain) would be to move the far leg a little. I think you might have her calf a little long for the foreshortening that you're after and you might see a bit of the thigh.

awesome stuff, such imagination...I need to do something like this sometime (no plagiarizing I promise :P)

Ben Ho said...

Nice blog sir!