Friday, November 6, 2009

Colours Sketches

Dear blog, Im back in sunny Adelaide. Working with the lovely kids at PRA. Crazy year hey? Adelaide-Brisbane-Melbourne-Adelaide. Ummm so Im house sitting for a friend for a couple of weeks, and he has a cintq. Its so nice to play with. here are a few little sketches, studies and ideas from the last few nights.

Look i know my studies are always as ugly as sin... colour study, from one of my favourite speakers at melbourne semi permanent- Day 19

In other news, the company I was working for in Melbourne has officially closed down for good. If you are in the Australian entertainment industry and in need of a union, we have found Alliance to be very helpful.




Leath said...


Alex! This is super awesome stuff man. I love the study at the bottom. The tone and pose are amazing.

Sad news about Ettamogah too - Seems like you got a lot out of the experience tho.

Hope Radelaide is treating you well. The creative juices seem to be flowing.

Emily said...

Really like the way u dont use line... esp the style of the girl! very cool! Please also design me a dress like hers...
inspiring me to do some more drawings!
Keep the posts coming! Looking forward to seeing the other one uve been working on!