Monday, May 24, 2010

Animation Test shot Flash Dance.

Heya blog,
Ive had a little down time lately, so I took the chance to do some test animation.
About 2 days of animation, 2 days of figuring out how the hell it was going to work, and then another day reanimating and learning how to use After Effects...And then about a day figuring out why vimeo was breaking it.
Animated in Photoshop CS 4.
Would love some feed back on this one :)

Love Alex.

1 comment:

Leath said...

I love it. Tekkonkinkreet vibe set in the real world. Super slick man and the finish is very cool.

Particularly like the colours as usual. My only crit is that the camera wiggle looks a lil mechanical/bumpy but that's getting picky.