Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hi guys,
I've been working on a bunch'o'stuff lately. Unfortunately as usual I cant show it yet. These are a few sketches I did between thoughts.

A character I did while designing some stuff for a project. It was completely wrong for the story, but she was fun to draw.

I drew my buddy Hannah during dailies the other day.

Sooo yeh, I'll hopefully have some more sketches and stuff coming soon. Also a new reel within the next month too!



Emily Nelson said...

I like the colours! The top lady looks like she's in bubble gum. :)
Love the colours in the 2nd one too! and the glasses! lovely! :)

Leath said...

I love the poses in those top ones man. Lookin forward to seeing what you've been working on too.

Hope all's good over your way.

Ben Leon said...

that exorcist one is awesome, really engaging, sorta not sure why i like it so much but i do.

Makoto said...

It's Hannaaaaaaaah~~ <3
CUTE~! Such a cute blog post!
(I don't know if you would approve of all these cute comments, but I'm saying it anyways!)

Meri kuri Alex, hope QLD is going well :D