Saturday, March 19, 2011

Interview and Sketches

Hi there blog,
I shot an interview with Mr Ari Gibson and Jason Pamment recently. Produced for Ozanimate in the first of a series of interviews with Animation Directors and Film Makers.

If you arent a regular reader of Ozanimate then I would really encourage you to check it out. We update it several times a week with Australian content, Interviews and news.

In other news, You may have noticed I've been messing with my blog design the last few days. Its still pretty rubbish but I'll get it finished soon. In the mean time I've completely overhauled my website. Its now 100% HTML and quite easy to update. Check it out if you get a chance. If you have some feed back, that'd be cool too :)

These a couple of recent sketches in my sketch book. I realised recently that my observation drawing was making me really confident at drawing people reading books and drinking coffee. I figured I should start to branch out a little more. These are a mix of studies and personal sketches.


Leath said...

Love the sketches Alex and recognised the pic of the hands behind the back too! All the poses are really convincing.

No criticisms on the new site - all super nice, fast and organised.

Ben Leon said...

more sketches please, love them.

Freckles said...

Just found your blog/website and I AM A FAN!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing work!!