Thursday, November 1, 2012

Finger Puppets. Voting.

My friend Ryan Kirby and I have just finished a pretty strange little film for the Graphic Festival’s Animation Competition. Its called Finger Puppets. 
We’d love if you could take 2 minutes to watch it and hopefully vote for it. Voting is really easy but closes thisFriday (the 2nd of nov). To Watch it click this link, click on ‘vote’ and search for Finger Puppets. (They make it quite tricky to link directly to it) 
We dont have internet clout, or the persuasive skills of self promotion that many of the entrants have. So it really comes down to you! I really appreciate it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Play - LoopDeLoop June 2012

I spent a couple of nights in the studio making this entry for last month's loop de loop.

Score by Kirsty Tickle , Mixed by Jonathan Boulet , (and then mutilated by me...sorry guys)

Anncey - Drinking/Drawing Game

This was a game a played while I was at Annecy International Animation Festival a few weeks ago. The rules were simple 1- Dont drop my iPad. 2- Draw your friend's head and let me photograph it. 3- Your friend gets to draw someone new. Despite the enormous amounts of beer being consumed during the playing of the game rule 1 wasnt broken once! Marvelous.
If you took part maybe you can help me out! It got a lot bigger than I expected and I wasnt able to keep track of the names. Hit me with a comment or an email to let me know who's who.
Greg Sharp by Ivan Dixon.

Ivan Dixon by Greg Sharp

Me by Ivan Dixon

Ivan Dixon by Greg Sharp

Me by Ivan Dixon

Lindsy Russell by Charley Liddington (the voice of Annecy!)

Charley Liddington (the voice of Annecy!) by Lindsy Russell

Ryan Kirby by Charley Liddington (the VOICE OF ANNECY!)

Me by Ryan Kirby

Jasper Parker Trenfield (Framestore) by Adrian Maganza (Cartoon Network)

Adrian Maganzaby ???

??? by ???

??? by ??? Cartoon Network Peeps help me out?

??? by Me Cartoon Network Peeps help me out?

??? by ???

??? by ???

Sour Lady by Me

Eric Oh (Pixar) by ???

??? by ???

Sam Lewis by ???

Simon Westlake by Sam Lewis

Sam Lewis by Simon Westlake

Jean Baptist Cumont (Cartoon Network) by Nicolas ??? (CRCR)

??? by ???

Nicolas by ???

??? by ???

??? by ???

Adrian Maganza by Me

Ivan Dixon by ???

??? by ???

Monday, May 21, 2012

Idiots and other things

I just realised I hadnt posted this little thing on my blog. In February I had gave myself a weekend to try and make something for Loop De Loop. This was my entry-
 Also this is something I made with Mighty Nice last year as part of a Pitch-
The 3d was done by Wayne Osborne and Scott Tansley. More on the project can be found here Last but not least is my fan art for Ivan Dixon's comic- Muscles McQuack. Its genius, especially if you enjoy being offended.

Photoshop Animation Techniques. A Full Tutorial

I made this tutorial a couple of months ago. It'll show you my workflow for animating in photoshop.  
Adobe Photoshop is a tool that a great number of creative minds are familiar and comfortable with. While it isnt software package that has been built with animation specifically in mind there it has huge potential as an animation tool. The ability to control an aesthetic within the software gives a very hands on feel to the process and endless possibilities for your end result. I hope that this tutorial will help bridge the gap between designer and animator, beginner and professional. Before you get started you’ll need a basic-intermediate understanding of Photoshop, as well as a copy of Photoshop CS Extended (Which you can download from the Adobe website here) The layout of the tutorial- Part 1 Getting Started- All the key features that you’ll need to know in order to get animation out of Photoshop. These include an introduction to the animation timeline as well as the steps you can follow to export your animation. Part 2 Clean-up, Colour and Creating Actions. A step by step walk through for creating some the actions that will help you speed up your animation workflow – including creating colour layers, effective bucket filling and creating your next frame. It also touches on the use of adjustment layers. Part 3 Extra Tips and Tricks- A few extra tips and tricks to help you get started animating in Photoshop. These include using preexisting videos in your animation, better manipulating the timeline and how to export gifs from Photoshop. If you have any questions comments or ideas on how to improve the process dont be a stranger. Please leave a comment.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Tube Sketch. This guy had such a great face!

15 minute colour study while waiting for client feed back on the weekend.