Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blog Button!

Hey look at me!!! I'm a web coder! I just made a button that actually works! Its to link my myspace account to this one. I'm a facking genius

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Emily said...

Can you even add people as "friends" on this stupid blog thing... Myspace is way better...

BUT your web coding is BRILLIANT! You Are A Genius! Very nice connector button between the two... you can have the best of both worlds... blogging AND myspace friends...

If only a very smart webcoder like you would teach me how to make a beautiful button to put on my myspace to link to that website of mine... I just have a link there and I'm sure alot more people would look at it if it were a button... people are so lazy.

Ok... blogging is pretty lonely... what if I write weird stuff not fit for the world wide web... it might just explode!
byebye Alex the Joybox