Sunday, March 18, 2007

Terror Concept

Im working on a short film. It is going to blow peoples minds. well not really, but hopefully it makes people feel like giving us money for being awsomecore. We're doing it for the cash.

Well any way this is an initial concept for the main character-Dr Terror, a disillusioned super villain who now works in an office. He loves the structure, but is a total outcast because he is a rediculous cliche. Tell me what you think eh


Emily said...

I think this concept pic is awesome... i wish the whole thing was in 2d now!!! you better live up to my expectations in 3d!!! *shakes fist*
I think it looks really cool though... itd be nice if you could render it in something that has a bit of texture ... not just flat colours... but i dunno post more blogs at the rendering stage...
i had something else to say... but ive brain is mush at the moment and i seem addicted to coffee... more specifically iced coffee with chocolate icecream! yum!

Emily said...

Oh also... its "ridiculous" fix it up and delete my coment so ppl dont think ure stupid! then you can come to my blog and correct me on all of my grammar and punctuation! *flutters lashes*