Thursday, June 7, 2007


Heya, i havent posted anything for a while hey? mainly because i have been doing 14 hour days at uni working on assignments. This is part of one of those assignments-
Oh and Im pretty sure i have never posted anything even remotely 3d on my blog. Now that should strike you as strange because im calling myself a 3d specialist. maybe my heart really isnt in it? haha, i like 3d, and heres DR Terror to prove it. This is the final model for my design. Liam Hockins did the model and the pose and i rigged the bad boy using TSM. I also through some block fill colours on him in Photoshop (thats why you should stop snickering and saying this tool can t render- we havent unwrapped him yet by the way)
I have started working on a cool project with Leath Mattner for BIAF, but i think i will elude to the details to that later in project. What i will tell you though is that we have started on the music for it, as well as DR Terror. The very talented Vincent Kemp is our composer, so i am looking forward to seeing how it pans out

Oh and i quit my job on saturday night. That is a very long story, and i kinda wont to move on so i think i will reframe from retelling it.

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