Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hey guys, just some quickies from my sketch book. The first is a whole bunch of characters inspired by the way to beautiful people at Ambrel. The second are some thumbnails i did for fun on the train the other day. Its drawings like this that started the last creature i put together. its a really fun way to play with character design because you dont have to worry about making mistakes. ( i think the fear of making mistakes is a pretty big sketch book killer for me! I get frustrated at doing 10 consecutive pages of timid work and do an entire page of Forced untimid work, and i hate it just as much. i have so much respect for people who do fearless work)\

Oh and some words from Joe, a long time story artist at Pixar when asked if he had advise for students and up and coming artists-

"Try to draw something that connects with people. Draw things that connect with yourself and try to express that through your drawings so that other people get it. At Pixar, it has to do with character. Whether it’s an individual character that you’re trying to find the expression of, or the character of the environment. How does it feel? What does it evoke in others? Is it funny, sad, beautiful, irritating, claustrophobic, invigorating? Work on creating expressive drawings—drawings that feel like they’re alive."

I think i should get that tattooed on the back of my right hand

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