Thursday, July 26, 2007

Few Sketches


These are just a few sketches from the last week. I havent been drawing much lately which is sad. Its got a lot to do with the unmanageable amounts of work that i have some how committed myself to. any way, here they are. Just some really quick sketch book stuffs. The colours are just playing, they only took like 20minutes (you can really tell coz of the muddiness of the colours)


Leath said...

hey man, i was reading the book u leant me on the train - the section on lighting. the bit i remember the most was he used a rim light on the dark side of the character. it's so simple! it rocks - and i saw it in the red guy here and it even makes a quick picture look better. Niiiiiiiiiice
i'm gonna borrow the book for a little longer i think. and no u don't get a say in this.

i'm gonna go read it as soon as i finish writing this novel in your blog.


Leath said...

Happy birthday Alex

Leath said...

bet u were stoked to see u had 3 comments.

then u found out they were all from me - ha