Monday, August 6, 2007

Waiter Pad Sketches

Aight, im really tired, so im not going to write as much as i should for this blog. I just got back from splendour in the grass this morning. Needless to say it was a whole tower of fun, but i'll write all about that in a later blog (wen i have some pictures to share!!!)

What this blog is really about is waiter pad sketches. I've got a whole bunch of these little pads laying around from my old job as a waiter. I've always thought it'd be fun to draw in them because you can be so unafraid to make mistakes. They are only tiny pages so your not really that worried about making bad drawings because you can just peel out the page and chuck it if something goes wrong. Plus, its a lot of fun thinking about composition while your using them, something i usually think far to little about. any way these are a few i did today after having a few ideas watching bands over the weekend-sharpie on paper (no pencils underwork, which really is rare for me)(and why the hell are sharpies supposed to be so good, i found them to be like drawing with an ink covered stick, i really dont get all the hype around them, prismas and copics are infinitely better!)
I've got a whole bunch more of these, but i wont bore you with them :) But i do recommend it to anybody with artists block, its a pretty fun thing to try!

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