Tuesday, November 6, 2007


wheeeeeew... It has been a massive couple of months, i havent really been able to keep my blog up to date with all the relevant, course specific data that I was supposed to. If your not a lecturer, somebody looking at making a short animated film or a loved one that i have neglected to make this film, the following post will probably be of no interest to you. SOooo this is a quick breakdown of a few significant aspects of our production.

The last semester-
Holiday weeks 1 and 2-
  • Cleaning up the models, texturing, re recording voice tracks, and re-editing together the animatic.
  • Creating a shot by shot schedule with a character by character break down and a total amount of animation that we had to achieve per week for the following 7 weeks. Liam and I had about 27 seconds per week to animate
Week 1
  • Animating our respective scenes.
  • Began to doubt the achievablity of our deadline
  • continued to develop the set after making the decision to make dr terrors Office much smaller.
Week 2
  • continued to animate our scenes as per schedual, but had already fallen about a week behind.
  • Continued to develop the set
Week 3
  • Major overhaul of the script. Our main aim was to tighten it considerably. Both to make the deadline more realistic, as well as to improve the story. We cut the first 2 minutes of the script out. Changed the order of the dialog of the script and changed the ending of the script entirely. Restoryboarded the missing scenes and the ending.
  • Dumped many of the scenes already animated, and started animating again.
Week 4
  • Continued to animate, however because the scenes had changed so much we found our schedule was useless. At this point we started to use the animatic as our schedule. It was a very interactive and accessible tool.
Week 5
  • Worked on the special effects shot for the film-- Explosion and water particles
Week 6-8
  • Continued to Animated our scenes. Received criticism from Mr Ed Hooks. Revised much of our story boards to improve clarity.
  • Continued to develop set and set up lighting
Week 9-13
  • Started rendering...
  • Cleaned up some of the animation to improve hookups.
  • Started to learn compositing.
  • Composite
Week 14?
We are presenting our years worth of product today. i have been awake for a pretty long time, so i dont really know if im going to be able to sell this thing very well...We also got the wrong message about the deadline for films being ready for Industry Film Awards night, so we had to do a fare bit of work to get Terror to a screenable product last night.

More to come!