Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry christmas all! I've been traveling around a little lately, visiting family, celebrating my girlfriend's 21st, eating christmas feasts. It has all been very nice. I've had time to draw as well which is cool. The two guys i drew while watching the new version of Wind in the Willows and coloured on my grandma's computer this arve using a mouse. The other drawing is of Flic and Rupert reading. They were lovely models.

In bad news, i dropped my external hard drive and now it works not. It had some pretty important stuff on it. But hey... watchya gunna do?... pay lots of money to try and recover it? probably.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday.


Sarasarasarato said...

Alexey! So nice to hear from you! New Zealand (meaning Christchurch) was fantastic, but the pervasive melancholy of Haakon and Maria leaving made things a little blue. C'est la vie. Are you in Japan yet? Your work is looking awesome. Stay in contact, blogstyles.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex, hows things at Japan? Sorry to hear about your hard drive. I can understand how you're feeling because the exact same thing happened to me! I accidentally dropped my external hard drive on the floor few weeks ago and it stopped working. My whole year's worth of work is gone, that includes all my thesis research, studio work, tutorials, photos, music etc! I trying to get it fixed now.. ) :

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