Monday, December 17, 2007

Redy Stedy Mod

I went to a friends gig on sunday night. There were a lot of kids who looked like the guy on the left.
Just some sketch book stuff that i spent about 15 minutes jazzing up.

I spent my last day at Fuzzyeyes today. I've been there for about 5 months now i think. I learnt so much by being in that environment. I'd really like to post some of my work from there but its gunna be a fair while before i can do that. Any way it was a great place to work, i'd love to do some real work there some day.

to follow up that last post about awards, terror got Highly commended for the best use of animation. That was a great honour considering the amazing films that it finished ahead of.

AAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDD.... i am now officially a graduate!!!! thats right we had our graduation on saturday night. It was also flics 21st party. Im sure there are going to be some very full and utterly disgusting facebook galleries dedicated to that night, Nuf said

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