Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jet Bike Racer


this a painting i spent a couple of hours on last night. I really found the things i learned from the Rubens study i did last week were very useful.

im not sure what his name is but he's a desert jet bike rider/mechanic. :P

i like how this one turned out, i hope you do too!

Oh and i almost forgot, this a quick sketch of kouhei chan (one of the hairdressers at Cut For You)


Leath said...


longdefeat ♣ said...

woahh man that's freaking AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

hey mate, yeah its been a long time since all those hours spent standing in those hackey circles at uni. Your blog is sweet man I've checked it out a few times, love the range of stuff, your paintings are sweet, do you use ps and painter, or just ps?

Makoto said...

Heya Alex!

Another one with heaps of post up!

loving it all :)

but especially the thumbnail of the canyon- landscape thingy? with cowboy on horse :) i really like the treatment of the clouds how it is really subtle. nice composition :) i hope we can all see it at a higher res! *hint* *hint*

hey just a question alex, do you like animating in 2d?