Friday, April 25, 2008

Work in Progress

A work in progress. Dessert jetbike rider
sorry i dont have much time to write at the moment, but id love crits on this one! Let rip talented blog friends!



Emily said...

things I didnt think read well... was the front of the bike... It took me a little while to realise what was happening with the front of it... like the angle of front bit.
its a really cool bike design... im not sure if its cliche to have some sort of jet out the back... but i did wonder what pushes the bike... hehehe
Also... I was unsure about the brown background with the yellow bike too..
I love the outfit he is wearing! his stance feels really good and i love the way u painted it and the colours in it... the hands look great! infact i love the whole biker... totally looks like all of your figure drawing and ruebens studies have paid off! but yes sorry about the above whinge about the bike (while u r putting urself up for criticism hehe )

Leath said...

Sic chops. Really like it.

comments: same as em with the front. Looks like a big turbine/air intake thing but it takes a second look to tell.

I like the brown BG - earthy which matches the guys look.

I reckon the bike could be a little too slick in parts tho. the back looks used but the front doesn't. I'm Thinkin Transformers movie: the robots are all hardcore technology but look functional/used cause of grit etc.

Being super critical - if it was me i'd be stoked with it.

Sarasarasarato said...

Ai mierde, I wrote a long crit but it hasn't come up! Either a Blogger glitch or ... You deleted my comment. -intense stare-

Just in case it was the former! I like the overall feel of it, but I think the feet need to be bigger, and perhaps the head needs to be shrunk a little.