Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sewer Ghoul

Dear Blog, its been a while.
This is a painting a did today. When i was almost finished it i thought "shit, this is pretty dark for you alex" but then i remembered once having seen a naked mole rat. im pretty sure theyd give this guy nightmares. there for this guy is OKaaay. Im thinking this is a potential folio piece, so Im up for crits on this one...tell me what this guy makes you think

much love



Leath said...

That's pretty freaky man.

I can't think of anything to criticise on it cause i reckon it's one of your best yet.

i like the loosness of it. And especially like the reflection in the water - it looks thicker than water.

Maybe the only thing i thought could be touched up is the length of his fingers, but he is a wierd sewer ghoul.

The blending of all sorts of colours in it is kickin ass too. I like his lower torso.


Emily said...

whoa... gross... very scary... i kind of like his small clammy hands...
i love the colouring and his design etc...
one little thing(u could try on another layer) but the way his back seems to be twisted it makes me feel like his left hip might be around a bit more... like a bit thicker at the base where he comes out of the water...
very cool!

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