Friday, May 2, 2008

Iro Iro

Dear Blog,

This is the start of a present for the very generous man who gave us a beautiful white leather couch. As well as organizing us a washing machine, fridge, kitchen table, 3 chairs, a vacuum cleaner and microwave for about $60 aus dollars. Mr Matsuawa is the bomb.
Im not sure about japanese customs really, so im not sure if there is rules against giving someone presents with nipples. Please tell me if there is.
I have been missing doing more graphic-y work lately, so this is fun

I touched up this guy a wee bit. there was part of the texture around the neck that was niggling me a little. Thanks heaps for your crits on the last post guys. Em you comment on the hip was right on, hopefully i will fix it.

Just a 5 minute crazy colourorama.
Sweet dreams



Emily said...

hahaha I dont know if its inappropriate or not!! ... maybe both the breasts out? hahaha cooL! does he have a cheeky sense of humour?
also... i LOVE LOVE LOVE the 5 min colourama!!! extremely awesome!!!! I want to print it out and stick it on my wall... but my printer is black and white...

Anonymous said...

love the top one awesome-o lips and hands, love it_

Anonymous said...