Friday, May 16, 2008

Deep prt 1

So theres a new activity over at CA at the moment called DEEP. Its huge. Basically an open ended topic combining a whole bunch of their weekly activities into one unified behemoth. a 6 week deadline. The topic is an under water utopia. A society, architecture, creatures, politics, transport, everything. Great inspiration.

These are just a few thumbs i did this arve and after work. Exploring my imagination a bit before i start doing research. An hour or two i guess. this stage is my favourite. all the rest is too much like work. Let me know if anything stands out to you


Emily said...

I like the one with the light in the hand alot... at first it looks a bit like an underwater building on a rocky cliff/coral face... with glass windows looking out to see... but i like that... it makes it look like its naturally part of the world
or like wearing a boat on your head... haha (these dont sound like compliments but they are!!! i like the thumbs!)

Anonymous said...