Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sketchy Book Party- (now with mini update)

Dear blog,

Today was the first sunny day in while. So i went for a ride and drew in the park for a few hours. Its good to clear the head, and it feels like im actually taking advantage of the beautiful place that im in at the moment.

The figures were these very interesting old women who were raking the leaves up in peace park. i havent done any gestures for a while, mostly just sleeping people on the train, so these were pretty difficult for me. I loved their clothes. they had these really traditional head and neck wraps and big floppy straw hats . I dont think i was able to see their faces once, they were like gardening assassins.

Now for a couple more pages from the last little while--

At Hiroshima Castle. I loved the logo for the castle, its a red carp with the castle drawn in the pattern on its back . They happened to have free stamps on the way out, which made me happy.

Train People
I went to the Hiroshima Flower Festival on Monday. It didnt have much to do with flowers, mainly a big parade. And some great food. I did these while i sat in the shade.

I know i said id have something more meaty soon, but ive had a bit of a block lately. I did a paintingy thing yesterday, but it was terrible. Im a bit confused about what my next proper piece will be. I hope its something good.

Mini Update- Played around for a little with some colours. fun, but not really feeling them though. i wish i could do them while outside, they dont really have any of the feeling of the reality


Emily said...

You need the new photoshop! (which you can animate in, with a timeline and everything) so You can make an animation about a foreign guy finding his place in japan!! hehe using your drawings and experiences and writing as reference!
The awesome thing about modelling for unis and art classes is often I get a lesson too!! ... like when I animated at QUT for animation students I got a tutorial about animation in the new photoshop. All of the life drawings they do are sequences... and they draw them over the top of each other and scan them in later and animate them. (sucks to be the one holding all of the sequences for them though)
Love your drawings... esp the garden ones... nice atmosphere... I can kind of feel the garden... something about it (even though they are simplistic) remind me of miyazaki hehe

Sarasarasarato said...

The second of the 'Train People' sketches, on the right page, of the sleeping man in a cap, that's a real beauty.

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