Thursday, May 22, 2008

Work In Progress- FishyFantisico!

hey guys, this is what i was working on today. its still not finished though.
theres a story behind it, but i kinda feel like a nerd writing it. so rather than look like a D&D nerd, ill let the the pic speak for it self. hopefully ill think of a way to finalize this bad boy. as always crits and opinions loved


Emily said...

wah! I love you! orange fish man!
really really love this alex... you should be super proud. I WISH so bad that I could colour like this... love the design, the colours, the sea... im going to go so far as to say i think its up there in your absolute best work yet! YEAH!

Leath said...

U stole my line Emily!

I'n my brain i am clapping at your skills Alex. Each pic is looking more relaxed and competent than the last.

Favourite is still the fish study tho. made it look like it was so easy.

Sarasarasarato said...

Way to rock the casbah Griggovich. Beautiful colours, nice design. My only criticism is, what's wrong with being a nerd? Write the story Poindexter!

If I might make a suggestion though: bioluminescent suckers on the exposed back of his right tentacle-flap?

Scheurbert said...

Hey! Thanks for the kind comment. Your skill blows mine outta the water (pardon the pun, regarding the context of the image post this comment is attached to)

Have a swell day!

HÃ¥kon ( said...

Wow man this is awesome!!!

Tried something like this the other day, but failed at it it seems now after having seen yours.

Do a female one as well.