Monday, May 26, 2008


Hey guys, i few subtle changes on old finius up there. Pretty much my finished piece i guess. I spent a couple of hours (or more) trying to add more atmosphere but, i think next time i will have to address it earlier in the piece. thanks to everybody for their suggestions. any i didnt get to do on this piece i will definitely keep in mind for next time.

This next guy is part of my next design for the deep activity. The colony of humans spent centuries without conflict, and as such the military was slowly phased out. This is the closest thing there is to a soldier now, the field engineer. Highly trained engineers handling the most dangerous construction tasks involved in the migration to the deep. This fellow is sporting the standard uniform and haircut for the engineers. He is however not suited up, hopefully the next design will be of the field suit...

In other news, my apartment is shaking violently. There is some crazy construction down on the street, but im on the 7th floor. so if theres any real engineers... or architects or builders out there- should i be worried?
Anyway, because of a debarcle with my rice cooker (ie, me forgetting to put water in it), i am running late for work. Much love



Gemma said...

Looks awesome Alex! You're developing so fast!

I've tried (and failed) to do those weekly challenges. I hope you stick at it better than I did. haha

Love the fishy

Adele K Thomas said...

oooh, nice work glad your doing CHOW and not COw otherwise we might have some fisty-cuffs!
I like the atmosphere and colours...true what you said on another post about fish colours, its should check out these slugs CRAZY!

Anyway, good luck and most importantly have fun and use these challenges for your improvement. Whilst working at Liquid, I didnt improve at all and went a matter of weeks of starting on i have bounced back hugely!
Happy Health!


Adele K Thomas said...

Try this for slugs or nudibranchs as they like to be called.

Anonymous said...


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