Sunday, June 1, 2008


Dear Blog
Ive been trying to work on another finished piece for my folio. But my brain has decided that it isnt up for it. I think squares call it "Artists Block". Anyway, out of frustration i did another Master Study to try and get the juices flowing again. This is a self portrait of Rubens. Its the back cover of the book i bought a couple of months ago. the last time i did one of these i drew straight into the computer, this one i scanned a sketch. Man! that is soo much easier. took about half the time. This one didnt have as many exciting colours though. a little less striking than the last.
I watched blade runner this morning. Amazing film. I drew this, inspired by one of the characters. a 3 minute colour job.

people at a beautiful cafe on the river. as well as the view from the table i was sitting at

Train peeps

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