Sunday, June 8, 2008

Speedy Speed paint

just a 20 minute sketch with my good friend liam hockins in mind. hes making a film about pirates. he rightly pointed out that he kinda looks like rambo though, but this guy has notin on rambo
(you can see rubens' colours coming through in my recent stuff, i need to do more varied studies i think)


Leath said...

Dude. this guy rocks! The colours are really nice and he has heaps of texture and variation in tone already. Your speed paints are always my favorites man, they seem to have a lot of movement/energy to them.


Makoto said...

Nice~!! (and the stuff bellow)

Awww how sweet :) you had Liam in mind! I'm sure he will be flattered!

And thank you for the comment on the cat piano blog!

When do you get back again?

anyway talk soon!