Monday, June 30, 2008


Hey blog!

so my internet will be turned off from midnight tomorow! i figured i should blog a little before then.
First up is a couple of sketches I did while watching 2001:a space odyssey. i think i will have to watch it again, because it went over my head a little. due in no small part to my split consentration between about 3 other things. i only did a superquick workover with the colours..

A couple of moleskin pages from the last few weeks (im almost outa pages so my pace has slowed)

(i think this the only pencil page in the whole thing)
and a doodle
much love all!

1 comment:

Leath said...

'a kind of...' ???
i was reading it but u forgot to finish the sentence so now i will never understand wasabi.

V nice pics Alex. I esp like the green guy at the bottom. Colour choices are great as ben pointed out earlier. Unusual and they work really well together. that lil bit of pink in it is tops.

U'll have to find somewhere else with the net so u can keep posting.