Saturday, June 21, 2008

Take that eyeballs!!!

all this concept art stuff is a bit stiff. my reason for focusing on it has recently evaporated, so now i just wanna loosen up a little. this guy was a doodle i did while waiting for some of my students to turn up. i spent a bitta time throwing some colours on it. tell me iff your eyeballs bleed!

anyway, ive had a good friend staying with me in my little hiroshima home for a couple of weeks. it was a good break from arting.

this is something i was working on before she came-

theres only so many times you can paint over something before you you loose the original idea completely. this guy is pretty redundant now. maybe ill pollish it into a finished piece some time.


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Sarasarasarato said...

Hey Alex, in addition to the usual necessary praise I'm going to say your use of colours are off the hook. Do you have any tips? Lately I've noticed when I colour things they tend to be bland.

Is nice, I like.