Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am doing stuff

its true! im just very slow...this animation is sooo much harder to get down then the last ball throw one. for real. its taking me sooo long.

in between procrastinating unproductively ive been procrastinating semiproductively. this is a part of a larger painting. kinda a sneak peek. mainly coz the rest is balls

oh and just a weird little doodle i did before bed. maybe there will be more to this doodle. im not sure...

Love lots

1 comment:

Leath said...

Awesome Alex! I really wanna know what the guy at the table is about to say to the guy to my left. The expression makes him look like a cracker is about to come out.

The other two are great too. The sketch at the bottom reminds me a bit of Blacky sketches. been looking at them a bit lately after i found his link on your blog - V nice.

can't wait to see your finished animation.