Friday, August 22, 2008

I should be doing something else

haha this is just indulgence now...i really should be doing a lot of other things.

I bought a new screen about a week ago. a 22inch samsung to help with the screen realestate issues i was having with my laptop. but man the colours are different. like super intense. and midtones are super saturated. im not sure what to do. and its weird to think that other people could be looking at my work on a screen like it... ive started painting and doing photoshop stuff on the smaller screen and keeping the new one for animation (which it is amazing for!).


Leath said...

This one rocks. go on, post another one Alex, I'm still watching.

Emily said...

I really like this alot... ALOT!!! It reminds me of you though heehee... xo