Saturday, August 30, 2008

More of the same

heya blog.
just a more finished version of the last WIP. I guess i feel like this could be better, but im not really sure how to pull it off.

Also, ive started using Vimeo over Youtube. I really like it. you can control a lot more aspects, and you can even host HD. It really seems like a site designed for film/video makers. If your into video hosting and communities, check them out! This is just a more polished version of the ball throw animation I did a couple of weeks ago. the other animation i have mentioned gave me too much head pain, so its taking a holiday. for now :)

Ball Throw from Alex Grigg on Vimeo.

Much love



Makoto said...

Hey Alex!

Thanks for the blog comment!

Really like how your triceratops? blowing bubbles in swamp piece is coming along! I think it works because even as a thumbnail it reads well!

Only suggestion is maybe some spec to the eye?? Just so it differentiates it from the nostrils AND adds CUTENESSSSSSS :D
But you know I dig it :)

talk sooooooooon~~~!!!

Leath said...

Hey Alex. Really like these. I especially like how fluid the edit is in the ball throw.

Also, i read yesterday that a good way to create more visual contrast in strong lighting is to use warm and cool colours to oppose each other. ie. if the main light is warm throw some cool colours in the dark shadows to make it more punchy.

Haven't tried it out but thought u might be interested to hear anyway.

Take care mate.

Gemma said...



I'm seriously impressed. Keep it up !

Sarasarasarato said...

Hot damn I like the light in the Swamp Grazer. Deliciously atmospheric.

Leath said...

hey man, thanks heaps for the crit on my swimmer. I'll definitly re-evaluate. I think most of the probs arose cause i didn't think about it enough. I started out thinking it'd be a quick one but now i think i'll go over it a bit and flesh it out more accurately.

The diagram u gave me is really helpful.

thanks man.

Caleb Salisbury said...

Hey Alex,

Nice rendering work. Animation's looking promising too.


Liam said...

iiiiiiiiii like it!!! Awesome concept creature and thanks for the tip on vimeo. Animations looking goooood!

peace out.