Thursday, August 28, 2008

WIP Swamp Grazer

Sup blog!
this is a work in progress for an activity over at Satelitesoda. I guess this has about 6 or 7 hours all up. I'd like to pollish it up a bit further, but im a bit stuck at the moment. maybe I'll give it a bash tomorow. 'd love to hear thoughts about it before it take it further though.

lotsa love



Maruna said...

Wow Alex I luv this drawing! (as I luv all of the other stuff you do too!) I like how it has a great sense of direction of light and shape. (but then who am i talking too?! You were the one teaching me about light and shape last year at uni!)

felicity said...

after perusing your blog and catching up on all i have missed, i wanted to tell you i like your experiments with colour (take that eyeballs, halftone one etc. keep exploring! and i like the swamp grazer - what was the blurb?