Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Animation, Stairs

Heya blog,

For somebody who often answers the question "what do you do?" with "duh, Im an animator" I dont dont put a lot of animation up. Hopefully over the next few months, there will be a little more animation going on around here.

Stairs from Alex Grigg on Vimeo.

Im not going to lie to you. this took a little longer than it should have. mainly because i have a lot of trouble sitting down and animating for the sake of animating.

This isnt 100percent so i would love to hear some opinions guys


Leath said...

hey Alex,
this is looking really good. Once again I think the edits in there are tops and help to sell it a lot.

Super critical, but perhaps the first cut can come a few frames earlier. An he looks just a tad stiff when he walks off at the end (his arm maybe). Being pretty picky tho.

I love the little run he does after the fall - Naturale

Can't wait for the next one.

Gemma said...

Heya Alex.
Nice work! You're making me think I should be animating more (been slacking naughty me)
But it does look pretty damn spiffy to me. Nice work. I'm sure if I'm feeling the impact when he's hitting the stairs on the way down though...
Great expressions as always :)
Also what rig is this? It's nice and I'm getting tired of the Andy rig I've been using.

Makoto said...

Hey~ I didn't have to wait long to see it~! yay~!

I love the all the character/gestural and the really effective walk cycles!

In the second shot, I like the keys but I'm not feeling any weight yet.
I think all you need is, when he lands on his feet really cushion his weight into them and then stumble up. Also check your inbetweens by eye to see if everything is cushioning when it needs etc. This I found really helps.

This is also personal preference but to really feel each bump have extreme squash poses so it feels more organic.(if the rig allows you to :)) But it has snappiness to it which I think will work to your advantage.

I hope that helps!

(idea and camera work is great :)

xoxo macca