Monday, October 6, 2008

The French Connection

I've had a lot of discussions with buddies about the sheer amount of great french animation designers and artists. I dont know what it is, there must be something in the water, but there is an absurdly large amount of talent in that part of the world.
It is definitely something that influences and informs my work. this is just a sketch i did after reading the blog of Emmanuelle Walker. Gobelins Grad.


EL GRANDE said...

Nice work!!!

Joe y Elio

Paul Lalo said...

It is because we are French! Mon Ami!
Naa I think it's just a culture thing. I remember growing up with so many french comics (mum&dad used to go to public libraries and I would be left for hours going through pile of comics (Asterix, Lucky Luke, Achille Talon, Gaston Lagaffe, Smurfs, Calvin & Hobbes, Jimmy Tousseul...)
So so many, and this is not the tiny Marvel ones with the two pages...
Plus you got the places like the Louvre where you can get lost in and just copy the masters for hours...